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The pros and cons of buying Cutco Knives – A genuine review

Cutco manufactures cutlery items since 1949. It has become one of the largest manufacturers of utensils, cookware and flatwares in the United States. It has more than 600 employees. Apart from this, Cutco also manufactures sporting knives and shears.

What makes the brand popular? 

It was the first company to bring in innovative features like wedge – lock handle. You will get this information if you read any cutco knives reviews. These handles provide a better grip as the steel is locked inside the handle surrounding it from all edges. It also has cut slots for better grips. The ergonomic handles prevent from accident and also help in swift cutting action.

Double D recessed edges 

This design is well suited for smooth and clean cut. It also helps for chopping and dicing rough and coarse meat. It gives a cleaving action that provides a neat cut. The Double D edges stay sharper for a longer period of time. The edge uses points along the blades to protect the sharpness. This makes any Double D edges, mainly due to its design stay sharper for long duration

Micro Double D edge 

They are smaller version of the double D edges. These are best suited for cutting soft cheese and slicing juicy tomatoes. The trimmers, table knives, santoku, slicers, steak knives of cutco are all double D recessed edges.

Lifetime warranty

Cutco knives reviews says that the guarantee provided is forever. This is a lifetime warranty provided by the brand which offers free sharpening, buffing and honing. This service does not even demand any receipts.

Steel finish

All the Cutco knives are made of high carbon stainless steel. This makes the knives highly sharp. The carbon steel is ideal for edge retention. This means that less time is required to maintain the blades. As compared to stainless steel knives, high carbon knives have better strength and hardness. Also the high carbon knives ate affordable and less expensive than the stainless steel knives.

Cutco trimmer knives

  • It comes in 3 handles namely classic handle, pearl handle and red handle
  • The handle is longer compared to the blades well suited for bigger hands. For people with smaller hands the knife might get slipped as the force applied is at the back.
  • It has a double D recessed edges
  • The blades are curved at the end with a blunt tip.
  • There are also trimmer knives with sharp edges

Carver knives

  • The carver knives are available in 3 sizes namely 8 inches, 6 – ¾ inches and 9 inches.
  • It is used to make thin cuts. It is mainly used for cutting meat mainly at the spine
  • The blades are 3 times longer than the handle.

Table knives

  • It comes with long handles and very short blades
  • The blunt edge is straight and the cutting edge is curved
  • This design is well suited for cutting vegetables as the knives are smoothly removed after making the cuts
  • Apart from selling individually, cutco sells them as sets too.
  • As all the table knives they have moderate sharpness, however, sharp enough to cut vegetables.


  • Cutco offers slicer knives in various sizes like 9 ¾, 7 ¾, and hardy slicer
  • The sizes speak about the blades.
  • They are generally used to make slices of cooked meat. They are so well designed that the handles are short giving good space for the blades alone to enter the meat deep enough to make perfect thin slices
  • The slicers are generally used to cut slices of cooked or smoked meat, poultry and fish.
  • There are flexible and rigid blades in slicer knives. The flexible blades are well suited for slice dry sausages while the rigid blades are good to slice flesh items.
  • The unique hardy slicers are specially designed to cut meat.

Cutco 1728 Petite Chef knife

  • Though there are many products of cutco with its own pros and cons, this product is a must. It provides precise cutting.
  • It assists in providing deep cuts and detailed entries into whatever it is being used on
  • It is made of high carbon stainless steel. The razors of the blade are unique with patent rights
  • Thus the cuts made are effortless
  • It also avoids potential risks or accidents when the cutting action is made.
  • The knife is well suited for cutting, slicing, chopping or even julienning.
  • This multi – tasking knife is well suited for a compact kitchen lover
  • The precision of cutting is high with its wedge lock design
  • The knife is highly recommended for casual cooks and novices. It is best suited for preparing dishes like sushi, chicken breasts or fish
  • The only drawback with the knife is that the shiny finish might dull down after a few years

1766 Santoku knife

  • It is formed of a triple rivet construction. This means that 3 blades are arrange in 3 rows to give more strength
  • It provides very high precision that the cut doesn’t even leaves a mark
  • The steel is a silver alloy of highly expensive quality
  • The sharp edges help to debone fish or any kind of meat
  • The blades have straight edges which makes it safe to sharpen at houses
  • Provides full safety during cutting as the handle is long enough
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has a gripping spot for the thumb and the fingers. This ensures complete control over the cutting action and prevents any potential accidents
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The Art of Solving Conundrums or Riddles

The use of brain teasers can be a good starting point when it comes to solving the hardest riddles. They are able to ensure that your mental ability is refreshed and your intellectual faculty is stimulated. Naturally, it is engaging and easy to practice hardest riddles or conundrums as they are aimed at ensuring that, you develop your logical, verbal, and calculus ability of the brain.

What are Brain Teasers?

Most brain teasers comprise of exercises which work on the principle of a fallacy of humans, which is common, negligence of facts which are obvious, lack of acquisition, or simply lacking the attention to details. When you use the brain teasers, they will be able to sharpen you to a point that, you will be able to handle the hardest riddles with ease. You will be able to gather some of the obvious and most relevant knowledge, which you might use in other endeavors in your life.

In some conglomerates of repute and some educational institutes, being able to solve brain teasers is part of a hiring process and determining your worthiness in terms of capabilities and skills. To solve them might be easier by word of mouth than practically doing it. It is possible that you will find yourself struggling with some hardest riddles while others might be easier.

Identifying your type

The first step in being able to solve a riddle is to identify what kind of riddles you enjoy to solve most. Is it logical? Is it mathematics? Is it a word puzzle or what is it? The type you like will mostly originate from your passions. If you are someone who is in a creative advertisement, it is possible that you will enjoy solving word puzzles. You will tend to be pulled to the riddles which you know, you will be able to get the answers easily.

Ensure that You Learn a Lot

After knowing the field you are interested in, make sure that you learn as much as you can. This doesn’t mean that you have to take books and start getting to know more about it. All you need to do is to have a sound base of general knowledge, remembering what you studied – the basic part of it and being able to apply it. Ensure that you are well up to date with what is happening and you will be sorted when it comes to solving conundrums and riddles.

Ensure that you are paced

When you practice conundrums, they are able to bring to fore your ability as a person to use given facts and be able to apply the best of your reasoning skills in ensuring that you find the solution to your problem. The reason why it becomes hard to solve riddles for many people could be less attention or they lack practice. Presumed notions or bias can make you overlook certain aspects which are common knowledge in your life while at the same time, you can be inquisitive to uncover some simple leads.

An example is where a riddle in the case is: Tom has three sons, A, B and…….. most people who are given this riddle will automatically jump to the answer C, given the sequence. When you see a riddle, the first thing you need to do is to pace your brain. Avoid rushing into conclusion without first reading and re-reading the riddle. You should try to look at the various possible answers. Try being unorthodox and think out of the box and at the same time, logic has to be there by applying the knowledge you have as concerning that particular subject that the riddle is dealing with.

But at the same time, try not to overthink every riddle that comes your way because, by so doing, you might miss the most obvious answer for the riddle. So if an obvious answer jumps at you, then think about it and try to reconsider it if possible. But this has to be after going through the possibilities and arriving at the conclusion that, there is no better answer than the obvious.

Try to Practice

Practice tends to make something perfect and thus, once you know what is there to know about riddles, you will need to start practicing them on a daily basis. You can start with the obvious simple ones before proceeding to the hard and most difficult ones to challenge your brain. During your spare time, over the weekend, holidays, with family and friends, wherever and whenever, try and do some practice on the riddles and you will be shocked at the expert that you will become with time in solving them.

Take some time to practice riddles of your choice. By so doing, you will always look forward to the practice time making you be mentally prepared and this will make it possible for you to concentrate more.

Try and Compete with yourself

When you practice, you will be better yourself with the kind of riddles you solve. Hence trying to practice on the same level of difficulty is not going to improve you after some time. What you should do is to ensure that, once you are good at a certain level, get to a higher level and challenge your brain. This will make your skills to evolve and thus, you will be able to solve the toughest of riddles without having to strain much.…

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Teenage birthday Everything you should know

Do you want to prepare a party for your son, brother or close relative or teenager? But you do not know how to do it or where to start? The reality is that organizing a party for a teenager can be a complicated and even detestable task. Why? Why not? Why? Why? beyond. It can not be that our adolescent, in particular, is conformist, expressive and know what he wants to be able to adapt to the situation. It does not matter how you can hold a party for teenagers and not “die” in the attempt. Keep in mind, that everything is made simple, and you plan well. One of the best stores to help you with the birthday gifts, whether it is a return gift or otherwise is Stonefoot. This is one of the best and you can order anything from the comfort of your home and get the work done in quick time. This will give you very good results and you can enjoy it.

We all know that the stage of adolescence is very difficult, surely they will be considering it and what they will organize for the birthday of their son, friend or family in this difficult moment in which it makes a dent in everything. In this type of party, it is important to have the wishes and opinions of the honoree. Keep in mind when organizing the party where you would like to celebrate, what type of decoration you want, what kind of food and drink you want. Keeping all this in mind, establish the limits of the party and make a list to know the lines to follow and be able to negotiate the points. Keep in mind, that once you make use of this, then things become easy.

The truth is that 15 is the typical age when one is older for the activities of the children but too young to plan alone, without the control of a loved one. Therefore, if you want to organize a party in which you feel comfortable and with your friends, but with the supervision of an older person, you will have to think about the types of plans:

Skating rink or bowling alley: go skating or bowling with your group of friends is a fun plan that will allow them to be in their free time and is quiet because they are closed. If you want a good store for more information to visit Stonefoot.

Amusement park: amusement parks are another ideal option for a teenage birthday.

Zip lines or karts: for the more adventurous, jumping from a vine or riding in a car at full speed is an activity that can not be resisted.

If you want to stay at home sharing with your friends and family or if you give the party to your son, friend or relative that way, I can do the following parties:

Pajama Party: it is basically a meeting of friends who meet at night to share chats, snacks, music, games, movies in a very funny way.

Small meeting: If your child does not like big events, you may just want a small family reunion or a select group of close friends.

In this case, you can organize a small lunch or dinner in which your child has the right to select their favorite food and decor according to the day to share with their closest friends. Keep in mind, that you make use of a good store and one of them is Stonefoot. This is one of the best and gives you a good time.

Have a good DJ party at the party

What is necessary for the mix of drinks and music is prepared.


Many consider that the organization of a Dj is not tough but to have some organizational talent. An planned way to avoid any kind of problems at all.

Now the question is … How to have DJ party planned? This depends on the size of the party. Small events in discos or clubs, organized. One should start asking in advance. But first of all, an expense calculation should always be made. Keep in mind, that one should visit the store and find out some good information on it. Many people are confused about, the right options to pick up. You need to plan well and once you have a good option in hand just get things done.

It should be taken into account regarding the location. Once the indicated place is found, the contracts are closed and a date for the event is determined. Here the rental, security, sound, lighting and cleaning costs are fixed in writing. The duration of the party always depends on the host and, of course, on the type of music offered. Electronic parties always need good sound. The same applies to lights. Good places offer both in their basic equipment. One should have the CD player and the turntable for the must give attention should be paid to the costs. There are lots of things one can have in the party, but needs to plan well. Once you have the right planning done then things will be much more easier and you can enjoy your time. There are lots of people who are going through some problems as they are busy and do not have enough time to organize a party. Also it is very tough to get the birthday gifts, which are very important. Many people are going through lots of issues and that is the main reason a good orgnization of party has to be done.

So what are you waiting for, just go in for a good party and enjoy your time, with a little bit of planning this could be great and you can enjoy a very time with your friends and family, there is nothing better than that.

So what are you waiting for, have a good time with your friends and family in enjoying the party?…

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Reasons why people watch movies online

In the 19th century, people used to go out and watch movies from cinemas. In the 21st century, people watch movies online a lot. There are so many reasons why people love watching movies online. The reasons are tied to a number of factors such as the speed, the economy among others. In the 21st century, people watch movies every day. This is because it is much easier to watch movies these days at your comfort zone. For example, all you will need is to look for a site such as the putlocker9 and find your favorite movie. Sounds so easy and simple right? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people watch movies online then

Innovations in the movie sector

Well, the 21st century came with too many innovations. Among the sectors that has evolved so much includes the movie industry. This is due to the fact that, people used to watch movies in cinemas and in social halls. Today, you can watch a movie whenever you feel like and at any time. You do not have to wait for a day to go to the cinema to watch your movie. This has made the cinemas lose market when it comes to having many customers. Although some people still prefer watching movies in a gathering by going to cinemas, it is only a small percentage that still does that. Today, you can sit into your house, look for sites such as the putlocker9 and get to watch your favorite movie.


Another reason why people watch movies online is due to the ability of online sites to offer varieties of movies. First of all, you have so many varieties of movie sites to choose from. This means that you will not look so much for sites. The second thing is if you have found that favorite site, you will have the privilege to choose from so many types of movies including the latest movies and also favorite movies. Therefore, the reason why people watch movies online is due to the fact that, they tend to get what they really want and love easy and in plenty of varieties. It is very simple after you have found a site such as the putlocker9, you just search for the movie that is in your mind.

Easy entertainment

Well, entertainment is very important in today’s world. In fact, it is part of our daily lives. Watching a movie is one of the ways to easily get entertained. Watching a movie online is one of the easiest ways through which one can get entertained. This is because so many people have smartphones. In fact, a huge percentage of people own smartphones and laptops. The data and internet technology has also made it easier for the entertainment industry. You do not have to watch your movie from a specific destination. You can easily get entertained anywhere and anytime. All you will need is to make sure that you have sufficient internet. You can watch from home, in a car and from anywhere. This is why watching movies online have become a source of easy entertainment.

Online watching is not bulky

You can get so many movies online but that does not mean that you have to have a lot of space on your phone or laptop for that. It is very simple, all you need to watch a movie online is click on the movie site of your choice, select the movie and watch it. You do not have to download the movie to watch offline. This means that, after watching, you close the site or move on to the next movie. This ability to watch and never store is what people like the most. Even if you did not finish watching your movie, you can just resume by clicking to the site, finding the movie and resume from where you stopped. You do not have to stress yourself with storing movies anymore. Everything is simplified these days. That said, watching movies online is kind of interesting and always captivates the watching mood.

For entertainment

One of the reasons why people watch movies is to get entertained. Therefore, whether they are watching the movie online or offline, the goal remains entertainment. Because people can easily watch movies online, it means that it is much easier to get entertained nowadays. You have so many types of movies to choose from on the internet. You can easily choose what you prefer and enjoy the journey. Because movies entertain a lot, nowadays you can easily get entertained because you can watch a movie from anywhere at any time provided you have internet settings on your phone or your laptop. After you have that, finding your favorite movie won’t be that difficult.


So many people like watching movies. In fact, it is only a small percentage of people in the world who are not movie fanatics. Because so many people tend to watch movies, it has been made easier for them to get to watch their favorite movies anytime they feel like. This is because online movie sites exist nowadays. It has made it easier to watch movies from anywhere and at any time. The good thing is, you will find that movie even if you stay for years without watching it. All you will do is search for your favorite movie and get to watch.…

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