The pros and cons of buying Cutco Knives – A genuine review

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The pros and cons of buying Cutco Knives – A genuine review

Cutco manufactures cutlery items since 1949. It has become one of the largest manufacturers of utensils, cookware and flatwares in the United States. It has more than 600 employees. Apart from this, Cutco also manufactures sporting knives and shears.

What makes the brand popular? 

It was the first company to bring in innovative features like wedge – lock handle. You will get this information if you read any cutco knives reviews. These handles provide a better grip as the steel is locked inside the handle surrounding it from all edges. It also has cut slots for better grips. The ergonomic handles prevent from accident and also help in swift cutting action.

Double D recessed edges 

This design is well suited for smooth and clean cut. It also helps for chopping and dicing rough and coarse meat. It gives a cleaving action that provides a neat cut. The Double D edges stay sharper for a longer period of time. The edge uses points along the blades to protect the sharpness. This makes any Double D edges, mainly due to its design stay sharper for long duration

Micro Double D edge 

They are smaller version of the double D edges. These are best suited for cutting soft cheese and slicing juicy tomatoes. The trimmers, table knives, santoku, slicers, steak knives of cutco are all double D recessed edges.

Lifetime warranty

Cutco knives reviews says that the guarantee provided is forever. This is a lifetime warranty provided by the brand which offers free sharpening, buffing and honing. This service does not even demand any receipts.

Steel finish

All the Cutco knives are made of high carbon stainless steel. This makes the knives highly sharp. The carbon steel is ideal for edge retention. This means that less time is required to maintain the blades. As compared to stainless steel knives, high carbon knives have better strength and hardness. Also the high carbon knives ate affordable and less expensive than the stainless steel knives.

Cutco trimmer knives

  • It comes in 3 handles namely classic handle, pearl handle and red handle
  • The handle is longer compared to the blades well suited for bigger hands. For people with smaller hands the knife might get slipped as the force applied is at the back.
  • It has a double D recessed edges
  • The blades are curved at the end with a blunt tip.
  • There are also trimmer knives with sharp edges

Carver knives

  • The carver knives are available in 3 sizes namely 8 inches, 6 – ¾ inches and 9 inches.
  • It is used to make thin cuts. It is mainly used for cutting meat mainly at the spine
  • The blades are 3 times longer than the handle.

Table knives

  • It comes with long handles and very short blades
  • The blunt edge is straight and the cutting edge is curved
  • This design is well suited for cutting vegetables as the knives are smoothly removed after making the cuts
  • Apart from selling individually, cutco sells them as sets too.
  • As all the table knives they have moderate sharpness, however, sharp enough to cut vegetables.


  • Cutco offers slicer knives in various sizes like 9 ¾, 7 ¾, and hardy slicer
  • The sizes speak about the blades.
  • They are generally used to make slices of cooked meat. They are so well designed that the handles are short giving good space for the blades alone to enter the meat deep enough to make perfect thin slices
  • The slicers are generally used to cut slices of cooked or smoked meat, poultry and fish.
  • There are flexible and rigid blades in slicer knives. The flexible blades are well suited for slice dry sausages while the rigid blades are good to slice flesh items.
  • The unique hardy slicers are specially designed to cut meat.

Cutco 1728 Petite Chef knife

  • Though there are many products of cutco with its own pros and cons, this product is a must. It provides precise cutting.
  • It assists in providing deep cuts and detailed entries into whatever it is being used on
  • It is made of high carbon stainless steel. The razors of the blade are unique with patent rights
  • Thus the cuts made are effortless
  • It also avoids potential risks or accidents when the cutting action is made.
  • The knife is well suited for cutting, slicing, chopping or even julienning.
  • This multi – tasking knife is well suited for a compact kitchen lover
  • The precision of cutting is high with its wedge lock design
  • The knife is highly recommended for casual cooks and novices. It is best suited for preparing dishes like sushi, chicken breasts or fish
  • The only drawback with the knife is that the shiny finish might dull down after a few years

1766 Santoku knife

  • It is formed of a triple rivet construction. This means that 3 blades are arrange in 3 rows to give more strength
  • It provides very high precision that the cut doesn’t even leaves a mark
  • The steel is a silver alloy of highly expensive quality
  • The sharp edges help to debone fish or any kind of meat
  • The blades have straight edges which makes it safe to sharpen at houses
  • Provides full safety during cutting as the handle is long enough
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has a gripping spot for the thumb and the fingers. This ensures complete control over the cutting action and prevents any potential accidents
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