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Law School – Why to opt for it?

As has happened to almost everyone who now has a university degree, you may be wondering why to study law. Distance education is a flexible option that thanks to the new information technologies that have been developed, offers the possibility of studying without having to attend in person to the classroom. The new advances in information technologies have allowed a great development in distance education because now several resources are incorporated and didactic strategies that allow the student to obtain better knowledge by having the opportunity to interact almost directly with the counselor and their other colleagues through forums and even videoconference sessions at the Law School.

Not being linked to a conventional educational system at the Law School, this type of education offers students the advantage of being able to use their time to complete their normal activities although this implies great discipline and commitment to perform the activities in a timely manner as well as the responsibility to search the materials that may be necessary for each subject. Normally, distance education is seen as an alternative for those who could not attend training needs at a school age determined and who now have the need to pursue higher education without having the time to resort to a conventional system of education.

At the same time as carrying out their work activities, professionals have the freedom to manage their time so they can learn the subjects necessary for each career and thus obtain a university degree that undoubtedly represents a great achievement and the possibility to improve opportunities to get a better job. However, the current situation in the country leads us to consider education as distance not only as an alternative for professionals, but also for young students who just finished upper secondary education.

Why study law at Law School?

Studying law is much more than just reading books, learning concepts and speaking difficult words. Whoever chooses to follow this profession is motivated by a great passion to seek the truth, avoid abuses and defend justice. Also, in the lawyer profile are people who are very organized and prefer to plan their time to be able to fulfill all their commitments. In this note you will find five reasons to study Law.

  1. When studying law, you will be preparing to be a cultured person. A lawyer is a professional who is fully trained to understand and appreciate concepts that are commonly discussed from the point of view, such as: justice, law, property, freedom, peace, solidarity, common good, etc.
  2. The career of Law not only involves knowing legal norms and litigation processes. It’s much more than that. Many people explain Law as the art of speech and reflection. A lawyer must be able to express himself with precise words and convince with solid arguments.
  3. This also does not mean that lawyers only speak with technical words and that few know. The law course is responsible for preparing students to use language as their most effective tool. The goal of a lawyer is to be understood, and for this, will use and adopt the language as warranted by the case and the situation.
  4. A lawyer trained in the University, leaving aside the legal sense of the profession, can be confident of their knowledge. This is because the Law is a very complete career, which shares concepts of rationality, universality and equality.
  5. In short, the study of law will prepare you to understand fundamental concepts related to logic. This will allow you to be able to give opinions, definitions and valuations to subjects of diverse nature, but always backed by the truth.

What do you think of these five reasons to study law? Do you agree? Leave us your comment and share this article with your friends.

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With what to be careful for Law School

At Law School everything seems to be positive, there are other factors that must be taken into account before opting for this model of education: first, it is a system that requires particular skills on the part of the student, for autonomy and independence are the fundamental factors that allow a person to advance in their studies without a “policeman” behind him.

Another factor is quality at the Law School, because not all offer the same content and the same forms of learning. That is why although there is a false perception about quality, “progressively it is improving in quality and reaching more and more users and finally they become the new normal. This is what happened with PCs, with music and digital photography, and it is happening with education in its transition to digital content,

A third element is that, as far as possible, this model should be accompanied by a practice factor, which does have face-to-face education “in real training in the field and not only in the transmission of knowledge. Likewise, they allow the application of ludic, creative and experiential tools, whose proven potential can be fully exploited in face-to-face models

It represents an option for those young people who do not have resources to cover the expenses involved in attending university but that they can carry out their studies even remotely or they simply were not accepted, since the possibility of increasing the enrollment for students is greater distance than the registration for the conventional system. It is also important to emphasize that distance education has as advantages the flexibility of schedules, so that young people can use the rest of their time to begin to enter the field of work of the area they have chosen one.

This represents without a doubt, a great advantage that they will have when they finish his career being that most employers seek that young people newly graduates have work experience to be hired.

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